How Much Candy?

Halloween is coming. Your kids are gonna get candy. School parties, neighborhood parties, church parties, trick-or-treating or trunk-or-treating, they are gonna get bombarded with candy this month. And unless you flat out refuse to let them bring it home, you’re gonna eat some too.

In our neighborhood we have this game we play where you make a copy of a sheet a paper with a ghost on it and a letter that says basically “You’ve been boo’ed”. Someone goes to a house after it gets dark, rings their doorbell, and then runs off trying not to get caught. They leave behind the ghost picture, the rules, and a bag of goodies. The idea is that once you get “boo’ed”, you are supposed to hang up the picture of the ghost (so everyone knows you’ve been hit) and then do the same thing to someone elses’ house. It’s kind of cute.

I remember when we first moved into our house over 6 years ago in August. So we were fairly new when we got “boo’ed” for the first time. I had never heard of such a thing and thought it was absolutely hysterical. I didn’t have kids at the time and looking back, I think I was sooooo much more, immature. Anyhoo. I remember running to the store to buy candy so I could do mine the next day. I put on my Army hoodie and covered up my face. My husband said I looked like a thief and he was afraid someone was going to call the cops on me. All I knew was that I had to find a house that didn’t have a ghost on their door. My next door neighbor seemed like an obvious choice. I still remember ringing her doorbell and then running like a bat out of hell and my husband laughing hysterically at me because I was having way too much fun with this. Little did I know at the time, that my next door neighbor was in her late 60’s, and the township supervisor. Um..I don’t think she was gonna run off in her hoodie and ring any doorbells anytime soon. Oops.

We got “boo’ed” last night. We have a huge bag of candy and I’m already annoyed by Ethan’s constant nagging for a piece. (PS…you better be quick if you’re gonna ring the doorbell to a house with a baby that goes to bed at 8pm..someone is VERY lucky I didn’t get to them when they rang the doorbell 100 times last night RIGHT after I put Lucas and Ethan to bed…)

Ok, back to my point (just had to share that story). So your kids are gonna get lots and lots of candy soon if they haven’t already. My question is this: How much do you let them have? If I let him, Ethan would eat it all day as would most kids I think. I have a rule nothing sweet until after lunch, but how much is okay? One piece? Two pieces? One piece now and one later? Some everyday? Do you just let them eat a bunch knowing it’s only for a few weeks? If I only give him one piece a day (which was my rule last year), the candy lasted for freaking ever and I think I created a very bad habit because he could not go a day without a piece. I’m torn this year. Am I being too harsh by not letting him have more than a piece? Am I setting him up for a lifetime of empty calories? Do I just give in and let him enjoy like I did growing up?

Tell me, what do you do at your house? How much do you let your child eat? Share and let us know the ages of your children too, if you would. My oldest is 4.

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3 comments to How Much Candy?

  • Not Blessed Mama

    we're relaxed with the candy around here. i don't want them to eat candy all day, but i've also noticed that it seems like the people who really restrict "forbidden" foods have more battles over it. :)

  • ComfyMom~Stacey

    I let my boys eat what they want Halloween night, though by the time we drive home from Trunk or Treat at the high school & then sort through all the candy they usually only manage 3-4 pieces. After that they get 2 pieces a day. My kids Halloween candy has lasted them until nearly Christmas.

    All the Clark bars belong to me.

  • Cheryl

    My son has severe peanut/tree nut allergy so Halloween is always a challenge. He gets to keep some stuff: pretzels, twizzlers, starbursts, skittles. But the rest of the stuff he gives us and trades it for a toy.

    you can also donate to organizations who take it for the military, or some dentists collect it and give rewards based on the poundage.

    I also stick some in the freezer for hubs and I to eat late at night! ;)


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