10 Signs It’s NOT Healthy For You

Sometimes we get confused about what is and isn’t good for us to eat. But, some signs are more obvious than others we should just stay away. If ANY of the following are true, it’s NOT healthy for you!

1. If it leaves your body in the same shape you put it in.

2. If it leaves a grease stain on the OUTSIDE of the bag in which you purchased it.

3. If you are embarrassed to tweet about it. (example:  You probably wouldn’t tweet this: “I just finished an entire bag of Oreos that I deep-fried!!” as quickly as you would this: “Mmmm just finished our steamed asparagus and tofu for dinner”)

4. You ordered it off the dollar menu….anywhere.

5. All you could think about was taking a nap when you got done eating it.

6. You would never feed it to your kids.

7. You skip lunch so you can have it for dinner and not feel too guilty.

8. You eat it in your car so your co-workers don’t see you.

9. You immediately feel guilty after eating it. And ask God why He didn’t stop you…

10. It has more calories than 3 days of your recommended daily allowance.

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