Lucas Turns ONE!!

Your birthday was over 3 weeks ago. It went as fast as it came and I still can’t seem to wrap my mind around it. The fact that a whole year has gone by since the day you were born seems impossible. And I find myself already ‘looking back’ at baby pictures trying to remember you oh, so small (well, 9lbs 1oz isn’t exactly small…but still). And while I find myself crying when I lay you down at night, certain you will be so much bigger when you wake, I’m excited. I’m excited about the days and years ahead. I’m excited about watching you learn and discovering the world around you. I’m excited about you becoming more and more vocal and long for the days we can have meaningful conversations like I do with your brother. I’m excited, because I know how much fun lies ahead.

We didn’t have a huge party for you, since most of our family can’t get along. But we made sure we still had fun celebrating YOUR day. You were so adorable. You loved all of your new toys and I would say your first bite of cake was a success!

By definition, you are now a toddler. Although, I would’ve described you as such three months ago when you started cruising the furniture. You have never played with “baby” toys and your favorite thing to play with right now are your brother’s hot wheels. You make the cutest car sounds!

Today, you RUN. It’s crazy how fast you went from a late crawl, to an early walk to a dead run. You’ve been running for over two months and each day you get faster and more steady on your feet. You LOVE to run down the hall, make sure we see you, turn around & squeal begging us to chase you. You would play “get you” all day if we agreed.

You’ve decided that baby food isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. You would much rather eat daddy’s cheeseburger anyday and you now refuse to waste time eating those non-filling “puffs”….something I figured out AFTER I bought 10 bottles of them on sale. You love to eat whole bananas – right from the peel. You are pretty open to most new foods, but strangely, you refuse to eat noodles. Spaghetti, mac n’ cheese, chicken noodle soup – doesn’t matter the flavor. Instantly you gag. It’s the craziest thing we’ve ever seen.

Your blond curls continue to grow. You’ve already had two “unofficial” hair-cuts and you need another one soon. You like to play with the hairs that curl around your ears. Although I’m not sure if you actually like it or if they bug the crap out of you. You have 7 teeth at the moment. You weighed 23lbs, 9oz at your one year ckup and you are 30.25 inches long.

You can say mama, dada, Ethan, bath and Kitty. You also say “dis” when you are pointing at something – which happens to be all the time. It’s adorable. You are able to follow several short commands by just words and it’s fascinating to see just how much you already understand.

You love taking baths and will play until you’re skin is prune-like. You love to drive the cars around the tub and playing basketball.

You have officially given up bottles. I can not tell you how excited I am to not be tied to a rocking chair every 3 hours for a bottle. I am ECSTATIC that you are keeping your whole milk down without any acid reflux medication.

But your greatest accomplishment might be the fact that you have finally decided to sleep!!!! Maybe it’s not having the formula, or maybe it’s the musical seahorse we bought, I have no idea. But, we can actually lay you down to sleep, awake, and you will fall asleep on your own. And most nights, you sleep all the way through. You might only sleep until 6am, but I’ll take it after the long nights of not sleeping at all with you, little one.

Just look at all your achievements! I can’t believe how fast they came, but I’m proud of how well you are doing. We love you so much, little man, and we’re so glad you’re here!


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2 comments to Lucas Turns ONE!!

  • Beautiful … you’ll love to have written this all down in the years to come! :)

    Happy Birthday, buddy!

  • Tabitha Blue /Fresh Mommy Blog
    Twitter: tabithablue

    Yay!! The one-year post!! He really is such a big boy, I just can’t believe how fast they grow up!! So excited that he’s sleeping for you (something Brayden does less of at night when we’re on the road, which lately is a LOT). Great post mama, lovin’ all the details.


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