His Pancakes Are Better

Pancakes. We make them from a box. And usually it is the kind that you only add water. Cause heaven forbid you have to add oil and eggs – because it never fails I’m out of eggs when I go to make them.

So you pour the powder in the bowl, add water and stir. You heat the griddle to 375degrees. You pour batter on griddle and cook. And voila! Sounds easy, right?

It is.

But for some reason when I make them, the outsides are crunchy and the middle is tough. Your first thought is that I have the heat too high – and you’d be wrong. The back of the box says over mixing can cause tougher pancakes – so I try to hardly mix them at all. All I get are tough pancakes with dough balls in the middle. I grease the griddle. I don’t grease the griddle. I turn the heat down, I turn it up. Makes no difference. Tough & crunchy is what I get.

But when HE makes them? Perfection. Every time. Out of box with water. Out of box with oil. Homemade. It doesn’t matter how – always perfection.

I finally stopped trying to figure it out and made it official – he makes the pancakes, I’ll make the sausage.


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