Lil’ Man Turned 2!


Look Who Turned 2!

I wasn’t sure if he would get it last Sunday, but he got it.

Lil’ man woke up asking for cake and presents. He tore through his gifts reminding his big brother those were “my choo choo’s. my mouse. my books!” He blew on his candle with all his might. He walked around saying “tank u” and soaked up his day. And it was awesome. Because he is awesome. And now, he’s TWO. Which is crazy.

He loves to run. Everywhere. I’m convinced he has no use for walking.

He LOVES to help and is always saying “I help mama, I help!” and for the most part, he usually is :)

His vocabulary is multiplying daily and has been rattling off mini-sentences the past 2 weeks – which I absolutely adore. I will do anything to encourage conversation with him.

He is still a picky eater, but he loves fruits and veggies, so we will survive. I keep telling myself this everyday he refuses to try anything new. If it were up to him? He would live strictly on Pizza, Cheese-it’s and oranges. For real.

He loves to dance, and by dance I mean twirl in circles super fast while music is playing saying over and over “mama I dance! mama I dance!”. Funny to watch…as long as their isn’t any furniture close by.

He is very polite. Unfortunately, his ‘excuse me’ sounds like ‘mee mee’ so when he says it, no one realizes what he’s saying. Except us. And there simply isn’t anything funnier than a toddler farting and then saying “mee mee” (think roadrunner sound..) immediately after without even looking up. Seriously, it’s freaking hilarious.

The kid is obsessed with puzzles. Want to know what I mean? Check out this video of him doing 6 at the same time…with the pieces mixed all together in a bucket.

He’s organized, and likes his stuff to be the same way. It’s adorable and yet I wonder what this will become as he gets older.

He is now sleeping in his big boy race car bed and the transition was easier than I could have hoped for. Call me crazy, I even think he sleeps better in it (which any improvement with his sleeping is HUGE here.)

He puts on his own shoes and coat. He brushes his own teeth – then it’s mama’s turn. He gets into his own car seat (insists on it). He loves “da mouse” (Mickey Mouse), Elmo, Ernie, and anything choo choo’s… He will NOT watch Little Einsteins. He loves to swing and sings “wee, wee” every time he rides one (you can blame that one on me). He hates sitting in carts. He will do everything his brother does – period.

He is independent. He is now TWO. And this mama still can’t believe it.



Ethan had a good time helping his little brother open his presents..


..maybe a little too helpful at times. We had to remind him it wasn't his birthday :)



Waiting so patiently for his cake. He had been talking about it all week.


Blowing his candle out like a champ! And if you can't tell, that's a Mickey Mouse cake this non-cake-making mama made for her baby boy :)


When we asked him to use his spoon, he politely put it in his hand, while he continued to eat his ice cream with his hands, lol.

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