I Can’t Believe He’s 6: A Birthday Sneak Peak

It’s just a sneak peak for now. I happen to think that birthday posts are special, because the person they are celebrating is special and deserves a well-written post. So until I get 10 uninterrupted minutes to think, the post will remain embedded in my mental draft folder (which happens to be overfull at the moment, btw).

But, I can give you a summary of what it will say. I’m in complete denial this little man turned six just a few weeks ago. I refuse to think about the fact he just finished Kindergarten. And I’m counting down the days when he asks to borrow the keys to the car.

More to come…


I've never seen a kid get so excited about a comforter, lol.


Happy Dance?


Oh yeah...


Monkey Joes - The Party That Almost Wasn't..more to come later

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1 comment to I Can’t Believe He’s 6: A Birthday Sneak Peak

  • Andie

    He is definitely so cute! and I think you are so proud of him.. Time is really quick and we just have to make sure we lie to the fullest..
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