Lucas Turns FOUR

Three still felt like a baby. I struggled with it a bit, but overall I was okay. But FOUR? Four feels like almost five. And five means Kindergarten. Four feels like the age before it all changes and I’m struggling with it. Perhaps it’s because it hasn’t been that long since my oldest turned 4 only to turn 7 in the blink of an eye, but each birthday with our youngest feels bittersweet and this year was no exception.

Oh, Lucas. You are stubborn, independent and determined. You dress yourself, brush your teeth, clean your own room, make your plate, help sort laundry, check the mail and get the paper. You love to help – even when it isn’t asked for. You are FULL of energy and you love your brother.¬†You still refuse to try new foods and you still struggle from night terrors from time to time. You love pizza and chicken nuggets, fruit and mashups. Your favorite place to eat for a treat is “old mcdonalds”. You are so much like your mama that you can push my buttons faster than anyone I know. You are adorable and you have a smile that would melt any heart. You have the best laugh and you are a goof. While these past 4 years have had days I was certain would never end, I couldn’t imagine this life without loving you every minute of it.

Lucas had a great day celebrating his birthday with school friends for his Ninja Turtle Party! He was adamant that ALL his friends had to come. The best way to ensure everyone can come? Bring the party to school! The kids had a blast making ninja turtles and Lucas was so excited to help setup his party and pass out their goody bags. Today was a great day.

Happy Birthday Lucas!

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