Project #35x35: The How

A few weeks ago, I posted about Project #35×35 explaining what it was all about (click here to read more). Following that post was a very emotional outcry about why the project means so much to me (click here to read more). This is the final post in this series explaining how I plan to succeed in Project #35×35.

Project #35×35 has many facets. While it started with just the goal of losing weight, it’s become so much more in that it is also about changing my overall health and wellbeing not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I am eating cleaner. I am flossing more. I am exercising. I am focusing on the positive. I am sleeping more (well, a little – still working on this one!). I am praying more. It’s a total life 180 that was long overdue.

But for this post, I am going to focus on the weight loss. I will continue to post other tips that I have found to be helpful in the other areas over the course of this year, but for now let’s talk about eating healthy.

This is where Isagenix comes in.

Isagenix is one of those things you can’t truly understand until you try it for yourself. I’ll admit it, at first I was skeptical. I didn’t know the first thing about cleansing and I wasn’t sure why Isagenix was better or different than any other weight loss program I had done – and I had done most of them. I refused to try it for months until I finally got so fed up with how I looked and how I felt it seemed like just one more thing to try (and fail) so I could say I did.  I never expected what happened next. I lost 6.8lbs and over 14 inches in a month. I had more energy. I was happier. I had mental clarity I didn’t realize I was missing. I wasn’t living on migraine medicine. I felt amazing.

I was hooked.

I started researching nutrition. I wanted to know what it was that was making me feel so much better – or why I felt so miserable before. If you have never read Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels, I highly recommend it. This book rocked my world and I will never be the same after reading it. The amount of toxins we are exposed to everyday in our food, health products, air, etc is astounding (and scary). This books does a great job at explaining how toxins affect our health on so many levels – from how we breathe to hormonal balances to our immune systems to even our metabolism. I was literally eating myself into misery and had no idea. The good news is that while we can’t completely avoid the toxic elements of this world, nutrition is one of the simplest ways we can greatly reduce our exposure.

Isagenix offers an amazing product line that compliments a healthy lifestyle through superior nutritional meal replacements containing the best protein on the market, natural cleansing, vitamins and even skincare products. Their products are all 100% organic and come from the purest sources you can find. In as little as two days, Isagenix can help convert your body from an acidic state to an alkaline state. By day 3, you will notice your energy jump, your cravings subside and you will know something has changed. After your first cleanse, you will finally get what it’s all about.

So here’s what I’m doing to lose my weight (down 13.5 so far!). I am using Isagenix shakes first and foremost to start my day off with the best nutrition available to me. The shakes are fabulous and are great for my long commute to work each day. I am complimenting my shake with a product called Isagreens – think the superfood mixes you see at the health food stores, except ours only contains fruits and veggies with no artificial ingredients.  I’m eating cleaner and have removed almost all processed foods from my diet. I am buying as much organic foods as possible. I am drinking a TON of water. I no longer drink caffeine (don’t need it anymore!). I am watching my calorie intake. I am exercising. I routinely do a nutritional cleanse.

That’s it. I’m losing weight the healthy way and I have never felt better.

Before I close, I want to address some of the most common questions I get with some simple facts.

  • Isagenix isn’t a diet. It’s a product line offering you the tools to eat healthier and cleanse your body from the toxins we are all exposed to. When you flood your body with nutrition and flush out the toxins, it will no longer feel the need to protect your organs from these toxins with fat. What happens when your body doesn’t think it needs the fat anymore? It releases it :) Weight loss just happens.
  • The products are meant to compliment a healthy lifestyle and use routinely. It is not a ‘quick-fix’ that you use once and go back to eating and living how you were.
  • The cleansing system is nutritional based – on cleanse days you are on a reduced calorie diet consisting of a specially formulated juice blend that promotes toxin release. It is NOT a colon cleanse. It will NOT leave you in the bathroom all day :)
  • I get people all the time that say they are not “shake” people – that they can’t just live on shakes. Well, I promise you, I don’t live on shakes. I use a shake in the morning because it’s convenient for my commute, because shakes are the easiest way to get all the nutrition you need in the right balance and quite frankly, because they taste awesome. The shakes are filling, and when your body is given proper nutrition you aren’t going to starve – I promise. My husband can attest to this. He thought I was crazy at first for starting the program. He barely refused to even taste the shakes and insisted he would NEVER do this program. Guess what? He’s now on his 2nd month, down 13lbs and feeling awesome too!
  • Isagenix is not cheap. I’ll admit it, the prices caught me off guard too. But, here’s the scoop – the prices are only high to someone who has never eaten healthy before. If you compare our prices to that of similar GNC products or other Shake programs out there, (filled with preservatives and chemicals, btw), the prices are comparable. What you have to realize is that you will pay this price either way – whether it’s in nutrition or doctor visits for being unhealthy – it’s your choice.
  • Isagenix is a business. Once you try the products and fall in love with them, and then realize you can get paid to share them with others, you will understand why it’s one of the fastest growing companies out there.

I’d love to share more with anyone who is interested.  Isagenix has given me a source of confidence and empowerment that I have never experienced before. If you are trying to lose weight, trying to build lean muscle, tired of always being tired, or looking for additional income – email me! I promise you that after 30 days, you won’t regret it :)





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