Lucas Turns FOUR

Three still felt like a baby. I struggled with it a bit, but overall I was okay. But FOUR? Four feels like almost five. And five means Kindergarten. Four feels like the age before it all changes and I’m struggling with it. Perhaps it’s because it hasn’t been that long […]

I Can’t Believe He’s 6: A Birthday Sneak Peak

Oh yeah...

It’s just a sneak peak for now. I happen to think that birthday posts are special, because the person they are celebrating is special and deserves a well-written post. So until I get 10 uninterrupted minutes to think, the post will remain embedded in my mental draft folder (which happens […]

Lil’ Man Turned 2!

Look Who Turned 2!


Look Who Turned 2!

I wasn’t sure if he would get it last Sunday, but he got it.

Lil’ man woke up asking for cake and presents. He tore through his gifts reminding his big brother those were “my choo choo’s. my mouse. my books!” He blew on […]

18 Months - What a Journey


How Did We Get From Here…

To Here?

On the 5th of August, my baby will turn 18 months old. As in a year-and-a-half, or half-way to two. As in sooooo not a baby anymore. As in somebody hold me, please.

If I could sum up […]

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