A Christmas Story

Quite possibly my favorite reaction of the day. Yep, he's mine.

I had no idea what to expect this year. I had a 5 year old who insisted he was getting every toy on his list (who clearly wasn’t), an almost 2 year old who seldom sits for anything, it was our first year celebrating without multiple family visits, and it […]

Wordless Wednesday : Choo Choo’s!

By far the biggest hit this Christmas were the “choo-choo’s!” I knew he would love it, but his reaction far surpassed my hopes of a good one. I could sit and just watch him learn for hours. The way he holds the trains, puts them together, figures out how the […]

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Parade

Ok, just a few words today..

This year we took the boys to their first Christmas parade. Why haven’t they gone before? Because usually it was 10 below and sleeting in MI whenever the parade came through and it just didn’t seem worth it. The only […]

It’s a Wrap! How Do You Separate Your Child’s Gifts?

pic taking with iPhone

pic taking with iPhone


Last year was the first Christmas with two children. As my then 4 year old tore through packages like nobody’s business – and quickly discovered many weren’t his – I knew I had to do things different the next year.

So this year I […]

Dear Santa – You Got 2 Weeks

Dear Santa,

Hi. It’s me. I know, I know, I already got my present (thanks for the 7D, btw…).This time it isn’t about me, promise.

As you know, Ethan asked for everything that is even remotely boy-ish in the toy book. He circled them all. Twice. So I’m sure you […]

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