Man, That Hurt.

I first noticed it a few months ago when he started “big boy” school and he asked me not to hold his hand in the parking lot. I told myself I was overthinking it and tried to look past it.

A few weeks later we started running into issues getting dressed for school. If […]

There You Go Again…

Dang it, Ethan. There you go again, growing up on me.

When you were a baby I could measure you’re growth by the simple fact I was adding clothes on a daily basis to a tub filled with all those cute outfits you had outgrown what seemed the moment I took the […]

More Power

Do you remember watching the show Home Improvement with “Tim, the toolman Taylor”? We watched it a lot when I was growing up. My husband seems to be related somehow, not literally, but in the everything-has-to-have-more-power kind of way. He doesn’t break stuff like Tim, but he insists that everything […]

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