Project #35x35: The How

A few weeks ago, I posted about Project #35×35 explaining what it was all about (click here to read more). Following that post was a very emotional outcry about why the project means so much to me (click here to read more). This is the final post in this series […]

His Pancakes Are Better


Pancakes. We make them from a box. And usually it is the kind that you only add water. Cause heaven forbid you have to add oil and eggs – because it never fails I’m out of eggs when I go to make them.

So you pour the powder in the […]

Rachael Ray, I Am Not

My cooking experience before marriage was minimal, at best. I knew how to make mac-n-cheese, cereal and I could heat up a frozen meal with the best of them. But that didn’t keep me from trying to make homemade meals for my husband.

I once made my husband eat a […]

10 Signs It’s NOT Healthy For You

Sometimes we get confused about what is and isn’t good for us to eat. But, some signs are more obvious than others we should just stay away. If ANY of the following are true, it’s NOT healthy for you!

1. If it leaves your body in the […]

How Much Candy?

Halloween is coming. Your kids are gonna get candy. School parties, neighborhood parties, church parties, trick-or-treating or trunk-or-treating, they are gonna get bombarded with candy this month. And unless you flat out refuse to let them bring it home, you’re gonna eat some too.

In our neighborhood we have […]

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