Muddy Buddies - With a Twist

Puppy Chow/Muddy Buddies

Haha… I bet that title caught all the wrong people’s attention. Muddy Buddies is just another name for the infamous Puppy Chow we all ate as kids. I had no idea it was called that either until a few months ago. And if you’ve never had Puppy Chow (and no, […]

The New Year's Fairy is Gettin Jiggy With 2012

new years

So I was sitting here thinking about writing my New Year’s Resolution post – the one where we get all fired up listing most of the same things we listed the year before claiming this year will be different. The one where we pretend that some how, some way […]

His Pancakes Are Better


Pancakes. We make them from a box. And usually it is the kind that you only add water. Cause heaven forbid you have to add oil and eggs – because it never fails I’m out of eggs when I go to make them.

So you pour the powder in the […]

What Summer?



Our preparation for the move to another state began in May. We knew our time would fly quickly so we created a crash bucket list of things we wanted to do before we left family and friends behind us 800 miles away. On that list? A million playdates, barbecues, […]

10 Things I've Learned From the Kids


I’m sure there are a million things I could learn from these cute munchkins, but here are the top 10 they’ve either taught me or are still trying to get through my thick head:

1. Screaming at to the top of your lungs when someone else is on the […]

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