Brotherly Love and a Strong Message Against Bullies


Ethan is strong. He always has been and the more involved he becomes in sports and interested in ‘working out’ the stronger he gets. But he’s a softie. John and I have often worried that he wouldn’t stand up for himself if he needed to. We’ve always told […]

You Have to Pay Attention to What Your Kids Read, Watch and Listen To.

Kids books. Seems like a simple concept. Short story that teaches a small lesson using family-friendly words and in most cases, universal morals and a probably a few cute pictures. Right? That’s what I thought too.

Ever since Ethan first starting getting books from family or garage sales or from […]


My husband and I have never been ones to participate in much PDA (Public Displays of Affection). In fact, John’s best man even laughed at our wedding saying he was pretty sure that was the first time he and his wife had ever seen us kiss – we had been together almost […]

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