First Grade, Buzz Lightyear, Growth and Us

I just realized that it’s been a whole month since I posted here – seems crazy when it wasn’t that long ago and I tried to post every few days. But, it’s okay. I’ve learned to let go of somethings, and press forward with others and the change? It’s been […]

Birthday Parties: How Much to Spend and When to Say No

I was never very popular in school. Blame it on my overprotective mother, my introvert coverup, or my lack of coolness – whatever you want – but I wasn’t. I had friends, but I wasn’t “popular” by any standard definition. So while I had my fair share of birthday party […]

I Can’t Believe He’s 6: A Birthday Sneak Peak

Oh yeah...

It’s just a sneak peak for now. I happen to think that birthday posts are special, because the person they are celebrating is special and deserves a well-written post. So until I get 10 uninterrupted minutes to think, the post will remain embedded in my mental draft folder (which happens […]

It’s Tee Ball Season!


Tee Ball. The season is in full swing (haha), and if it would stop raining on game nights, we may actually get through the season!

Ethan got his first baseball set when he was 2. It wasn’t long after and that was the only thing he wanted to […]

Oh How I Love Thee

I’ve never come home to soft music and candlelight dinners nor has he suprised me on a date. He’s never serenaded me in the night. Seldom does he hold my hand in public. And he refuses to dance with me. Anywhere. He is a far cry from romantic based on […]

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