Project #35x35: The How

A few weeks ago, I posted about Project #35×35 explaining what it was all about (click here to read more). Following that post was a very emotional outcry about why the project means so much to me (click here to read more). This is the final post in this series […]

His Pancakes Are Better


Pancakes. We make them from a box. And usually it is the kind that you only add water. Cause heaven forbid you have to add oil and eggs – because it never fails I’m out of eggs when I go to make them.

So you pour the powder in the […]

Wordless Wednesday – Deep Fried

Is there anything not deep-fried anymore? After seeing everything from deep-fried Oreos, twinkies, kool-aid to chicken pot pies last week at the fair, I’m guessing not.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve had deep-fried? Favorites? Things to avoid?

Happy Wednesday!

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