In His Mind’s Eye*

*This post was originally posted in December, but it was worth re-posting for MamaKat’s writing prompts this week :) Wanna join the fun? Click the button at the end of this post.*

This one is for the memory books – the virtual kind, since I […]

Muddy Buddies - With a Twist

Puppy Chow/Muddy Buddies

Haha… I bet that title caught all the wrong people’s attention. Muddy Buddies is just another name for the infamous Puppy Chow we all ate as kids. I had no idea it was called that either until a few months ago. And if you’ve never had Puppy Chow (and no, […]

Dear Santa – You Got 2 Weeks

Dear Santa,

Hi. It’s me. I know, I know, I already got my present (thanks for the 7D, btw…).This time it isn’t about me, promise.

As you know, Ethan asked for everything that is even remotely boy-ish in the toy book. He circled them all. Twice. So I’m sure you […]

His Pancakes Are Better


Pancakes. We make them from a box. And usually it is the kind that you only add water. Cause heaven forbid you have to add oil and eggs – because it never fails I’m out of eggs when I go to make them.

So you pour the powder in the […]

10 Things All New Moms Need To Know



Sometimes, it isn’t always easy to see the truth. Sometimes you have to look for it. But I’m here with some advice for new mothers and mothers-to-be so you don’t have to go searching. I’m here to give you 10 tips that not every mother is willing to […]

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