Crazy Toddler Equals Cool New Tricks

I have no idea where I read this since I read a gazillion parenting books when Ethan was born, but someone once said that when a baby or toddler is about to reach a milestone often you will see setbacks in their sleeping patterns and often they are irritable or […]

Today He’s 5, Tomorrow It’s College.



The last week or so I’ve been on a mission to get all those videos we have on TAPE onto the computer so we can burn some dvd’s. To do that, I have to PLAY the TAPE on the ol’ video recorder for the computer to capture it. […]

Lil’ Man Turned 2!

Look Who Turned 2!


Look Who Turned 2!

I wasn’t sure if he would get it last Sunday, but he got it.

Lil’ man woke up asking for cake and presents. He tore through his gifts reminding his big brother those were “my choo choo’s. my mouse. my books!” He blew on […]

Changes and Tears – Preparing for the Big 0-2

Little man is/was a challenge. He has been since before he came out with his angry kicks and violent clawing (on the inside). He had horrible acid reflux (they tested him for pyloric stenosis), immeasurable colic (I hate that term, by the way), and eating and pooping challenges like none […]

Dear Lucas, I Love You.

Blue Eyes


Dear Lucas,

Today you turned 20 months old and all I kept thinking was “in 4 months, you will be TWO.” I can’t remember when you weren’t here – not that I would want to – but I can’t. You are a part of me, a part of […]

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