So Very Thankful

I am thankful for small mercies. I compared notes with one of my friends who expects everything of the universe, and is disappoint ed when anything is less than best, and I found that I begin at the other extreme, expecting nothing, and am always full of thanks for moderate […]

Mission Accomplished. Sort Of.

The sun was shining through the window waking me from a very deep slumber. It’s daylight…and the boys were both still sleeping. I couldn’t tell you the last time that happened. I rise, stretch and head downstairs for coffee – a slight bounce in my step because I actually got […]

Live In The Moment – A Challenge

So often we, as mothers, struggle with what we have. Not because it isn’t enough – but because it isn’t what “she” has. “She” can be a friend, a neighbor, a fellow blogger or someone we’ve never even met. No matter what we have, it always seems like “they” have […]

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