It’s Tee Ball Season!


Tee Ball. The season is in full swing (haha), and if it would stop raining on game nights, we may actually get through the season!

Ethan got his first baseball set when he was 2. It wasn’t long after and that was the only thing he wanted to […]

Wordless Wednesday : Scary Vacation Photos



I haven’t even started our vacation post yet because there is soooo much and I’m thinking it might be best to split it apart. But this photo? This was worth a post all on its own. If, and when, you go to Disney World and you get […]

Wordless Wednesday : The Details


This fabulous crayon display would be courtesy of my youngest, who is 2, and happens to LOVE making messes. He can’t help it. No amount of time-outs, scoldings, rewardings, etc will change him. He can’t fight the urge to just dump THE WHOLE BUCKET. And it doesn’t just go for […]

Wordless Wednesday : Moments Like These

Even when the day is hectic, moments like these stop me in my tracks. I breathe them in, savor them and burn them into my memory. Watching them play together, cuddle, and most of all love each other reminds me that while I may not be a perfect mom, they […]

Wordless Wednesday – Something Besides Kids


I know, it’s hard to believe, but I actually do take pictures of things other than my kids :)

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